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Who we are

We are a group of writers who met on-line, on various sites and pages.Some published, some not.We are united in our quest to get published in various forms: books, magazines, web sites, whatever.And are united in trying to improve our art and swap best practice and information.We have a facebook page where we share anything to do with writing.So stuff like links to books, competitions or opinions are best shared there.What we hope to do with this E-zine is to publish some cool writing from anyone. If we like it, it gets in! We will try to publish one Issue a month. 3 poems and 3 shorts. 



We have some submissions already but are always open for more. Sometimes writers will be invited to submit. One short story, not too long. Up to three poems for one edition.Send by email with a bio, links and any photos and art you want on your page.These must be included. we may add more,our own or ask for more, but will not chase people!

                                       The Editor in chief.

                         Email us:

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