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SHORT STORY COMPETITION. The Winner has been announced on the blog.  Watch this space for future competitions. 


From the high standard of submissions we’ve received and published on Jotters United so far, we know there are lots of talented writers out there and we want you to have a go at our competition. If you win, your work will be published in issue 5 of Jotters United. The talented winner will also receive three books. Full details below.


How to enter.


The title and theme of your piece should be Spirit, or, use the adjacent photo for inspiration and create your own title.


How to submit your entry: E-mails please to


Words: Maximum 2000.


Deadline: Submissions closed. Winner announced next week!


Judges: The entries will be read anonymously by all four of the Jotters United management team.


We can’t wait to hear from you-so get writing!


Jotters United team x


Prize Details:Your story published in issue 5 of Jotters United, plus, you will win these three books:


Conversations with Spirits, by E. O. Higgins.

Signed copy


The story of a dissipated genius in a borrowed hat and coat, Conversations with Sprits is an Edwardian crime thriller. It features unlikely hero, Trelawney Hart, who has a pronounced taste for fine cherry brandy. Follow his quest to expose the truth behind mysterious psychic phenomena, with the help of none other than Sherlock Holmes's creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But having friends in high places doesn't always guarantee the result you expect ... Conversations on Amazon


This first book by E. O. Higgins became a hit on the online website Jottify, which led to it being crowd-funded by 


E O Higgins is an enigmatic author, who describes himself as, ‘good for two things - horse breaking and the whip.'


The Trade -Karen Taylor-E-book.

The Trade is an exciting thriller set in the murky world of finance during the nineties. Investigative journalist, Frances Alexander, seeks the truth in a pre-internet world beset with sinister goings-on, from Mayfair to Papua New Guinea.


Travelling for the hell of it-Nick Gerrard-E-book

Is a deeply personal travel book which reveals a different side to some of the world's best known tourist spots. With its highly original, rugged style, it reads as if you're sharing a bus ride with the author, and you'll feel every jolt, and see every blinding view.

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