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                                                     SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED AT THE MOMENT 

Submissions should be by email.

We are always open for submissions. Sometimes writers will be invited to submit.

We accept:

One short story, up to about 5000 words, a selection of flash or a group of drabbles. Up to 5 poems for one issue.

We are also always interested in videos or soundbites of said works.

Send by email with a bio and a photo, in an attachment; preferably formulated for Html.

Work should be properly edited and laid out as you would like it to appear on a page.  Any links, photos and art you want on your page should also be attached.

These should be included, we may add more, our own or ask for more, but if people don't include stuff then It won't get in.

Sometimes a theme may emerge for an issue and pieces could be held back.

 But if we say your work will get in, it will.

 Previously published works including blogs will be considered as long as there is no copyright issue, it is the job of the writer to sort out any copyright issues with other publishers.


Nick Gerrard

The Editor in chief.


                                                                         Email us:

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