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Helen C Mason

You’re mine.

I own you

You will do as I SAY


Don’t look

Don’t speak

You will know your PLACE


You cook

You clean

You will learn to OBEY


You’re nothing

You dishonour me





Will look upon your FACE


Home from school, unlock the doors

No one home, sigh of relief

Change my clothes, start work

No time to eat till I’ve done the chores


Clean for HIM

Wash for HIM

Cook for HIM

Yield to HIM


Nine O’clock I hear the locks

My eyes are down, I am submissive

Present his meal, present myself

The only sound the ticking clocks


He undresses me

He rapes me

He speaks to me



At the table I do homework till I sleep

Spelling test tomorrow

I am 10 years old, a child bride

My name is Yasmin and I weep and weep and weep

Child Bride

My brother he has games and toys

Is this how it is for other boys

Books, pens, paper, computer

Prayer books: A private tutor


I have a skipping rope


My brother will become a man

For him our father has a plan

A future, a job and then a wife

He’s being groomed to succeed in life


I am allowed to skip


I have been taught to clean and cook

Not to write, not to read a book

If I were a boy I’d live in the light

Mother says “this is our way, this is right”


I skip


Tomorrow I will be sent away

It is to be my wedding day

Dowry arranged; I am sold

I am only 12 years old


I skip for the last time


Salt Mustard Vinegar Acid

Salt Mustard Vinegar Acid

Skipping Rope

Helen C Mason (a child of the 60s) has an irreverent sense of humour and uses it to good effect in her verse. That is not to say that she does not have a serious side and has written many controversial poems on human rights.

Her third collection of very funny poems is available on Amazon. 

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