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Amelia Pasch 

Amelia Pasch is the pen name of E Amelia Johnson, wife of the artist Stewart Bowman Johnson. Amelia was born and raised in Glasgow of a Jewish mother and a non-conformist father: the couple married in 1963. As a mature student, Amelia achieved a degree in law and worked in the legal profession for twenty years. Frequent house moves finally brought them to Cyprus in 2004 where their creative careers have run in tandem. Endeavour Press published Amelia’s debut novel, Murder in Mind, in 2013. She is now working on a second novel, either a sequel or the second in a short series. 

Amazon: Murder in Mind.

Elegant lady in short skirt and heels,

Some say I am mutton not lamb.

Not till I’ve tried will I know how it feels

To tell them I don’t give a damn.


Line dance, or lift weights, whichever I choose

I give it my all as I do it.

It’s clear I have no further muscle to lose

If I fail to replace it I’ll rue it.


Aspiring to build up a second career

When the first one has reached a conclusion

Earns me, ‘Writing’s a wonderful hobby, my dear.’

That I’m published just causes confusion


I’ve given up smoking, I’m not overweight:

In a lot of respects I’m quite healthy.

At my age it seems right that I no longer hate

The thought that I’ll never be wealthy.


From Charity shop, or a flea market stall

Comes my wardrobe of wonderful clothes.

I’ve developed an eye that is still on the ball

So I’m not like a second hand rose.


For the life of me I cannot understand why

People limit their choices when aging.

Grow gracefully old? I won’t even try.

I find being disgraceful engaging.

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