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If I could have you back again,

What time?

What place?

What age?

And when?

If I could have you back again,

To touch

To smile

To talk

And then

If I could have you back again


The tears

The screams

The pain

If I could have you back again

Both you

And I

Would know……..


It could never be the same.

If I could have you back again

By Bobby Stevenson

The Dust Road

I Lost you pal

As they drove the last few miles,

the wind grew warmer


And he closed his eyes, fixing his

mind on that evening


When they celebrated with a party


Everyone was there that night, alive

and well


Taking joy in each others' company


Never thinking that things would

change so much


That fixed point in his head was

where he ran to


When the days were cold and bare


Perhaps he repainted the colours

every time he visited


But it was his to do as he wished,


For there he was truly, truly happy,


That one perfect night before

his world crumbled


And turned to dust.

I lost you friend,

A long, long time ago,

And as I turned to wave,

Was when you chose to go.


I lost you pal,

As others had their say,

I let you die, and turn to dust,

And followed other ways.


I let you go,

Ashamed of who you were,

I took the air from out your mouth,

And left you,

Know not where.


I lost your heart

I lost your soul and brain

But now I smile,

And now I weep,

I found myself again.

Bobby Stevenson writes because he can’t help it.


He was born in the West Coast of Scotland - a beautiful part of the world. He grew up in Paris, France and Woodstock, New York. He studied writing at college and gained a Masters. His short film 'Stealing Moses' was selected by the British Urban Film Festival, 2015 and was supported by Channel 4. He has been selected to pitch at BAFTA, twice. Bobby trained through TAPS at Emmerdale and The Bill.


Bobby  has two web pages of stories and ideas: and .

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