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Wayne Russell


They say that


you never failed


a day in your life.


They say that


you were perfect


that you were


somehow invincible.


They say that


you were Christlike


and to me


to many


you were.


You were the friend


of the unwanted


the lover of the unloved.


Whether they be


wayward children


abandoned animals


dying plants




homeless vagabonds.




like all humans


you too faded.


You faded


like the quick flicker


of seasons




the yellowing pages


of a book.


One day at the age of 37


I looked around




you were gone.


You faded into the


annals of time


cruel time


a mere human


a woman of flesh and blood.


Thus cast back


into dust


in which you were reborn


a star in the sky.


Many called you "friend"


yet in your darkest hour


one by one


those that called you so


departed from your side.


I called you mother


and I too carry


this guilt around


on a daily basis.


The guilt of leaving you


to your own devices


to your own


vodka drenched demise.


You never abandon me


yet I did so to you.




I now had a family


of my very own


and wanted to provide


for them.


It was natures way of




of moving on




life's harsh


natural cycle.


I could only watch


from distant shores


thousands of miles away




As your solid foundation




youthful immortality




leaving you alone


a relic bled dry


by the world.

The day you failed


Into the night








lost in the wretched


wake of love.


I can hear the ghost of you say


"Stifle those tears that flow!"


But oh that dam did burst


the day you departed from my realm


and that was years ago.




even now


that the tears


have subsided


here I am






the fool in love still.


Mourning at the site


that I last


lay eyes upon you


so many years ago.


I can only wish that


we had never met


so that I could have my


heart beat once again.


The heart that has now


hardened into a pillar of stone.



Heart of Stone

Wayne has been published in various zines over the years, including The Cannon's Mouth Quarterly, The Rolling Thunder Press, and Staxtes Greek Literary Review via their "English Wednesdays” Internet zine.Wayne can be reached via his Facebook page.

Wayne Russell

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