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My generation is the lost generation, wondering the ghostly abandoned streets stepping on broken beer bottles looking for a fight, looking for their broken hearts, screaming drunk, high on weed, coke, MDMA, Diazepam and speed, watching their own reflections in the shop windows, searching for a fix to this mayhem chaotic scene, talking to themselves in hopes of an answer, having hallucinations of angels and demons, devils and gods offering their temptations, so maybe we would be on their side and they’d be amused, again and again abused and neglected in the name of love.


My generation who grew up on television is now having visions of peace whilst in war with the mass media, capitalism, and indirect democracy, spitting at the MPs, Lords and Congressmen who move under the shadows, beyond the pale,with their pockets full of cash from the tobacco companies, alcohol and firearms, bill after bill, law after law, perpetrating a fraud against the public for a quick buck, thinking we only care what happens to the new teenage celebrity, or the wanna be footballer’s wife, music artist or the porn star,but we have seen what the dirty hand of money does to generations, guzzling oil, smoke rising, petals falling, water drying, people dying.


My generation who was lead to believe sniffing glue was cool, candy cigarettes, coke bottle gummies leading to glass coke drinks, Macidees and Burger King selling us their toys as collectables, finding surprises in chocolate eggs, high sugared cereal breakfast boxes. My generation who was lead to believe consumerism was good, buying a norm, new caps, new sunglasses, new shirts, shoes, kicks,is now lying awake at night thinking how to win with the next lottery picks, how to get the girl, the boy in all those music videos looking so fit, how to make money by doing nothing and getting lucky on reality, getting tired and tired and tired of losing over and over again, listening to the news experts talking of the threats, those terrorists, muggers,foreigners pose for our civilized, traditional, O’ so happy societies.


        We are lost, not because of apathy, not because we don’t know, we are lost, not because we don’t care and cannot love dearly, we are lost, not because those charlatans are far too powerful for us; we are lost because we haven’t found each other is this haze,we are lost because we made enemies out of each other despite of our commonalities, despite the fact that we are astute, sincere. We became lost because of the hate and fear those in power planted, because of the system they imposed to oppress and control us, that completion of an imaginary race dictating our lives, those images of desired bodies while girls and boys bear scars.


But we are tired of forfeiting; we are tired of those unreachable heights, we are tired of wanting more and paying less, we are tired of taking fevered flights, soaring higher to another cosmos inside our claustrophobic walled in bedrooms, inside our frustrated intoxicated minds, just to escape this self-serving so called real world, full of chain stores, food courts, and headquarters, feeding markets and exchanging bonds,so they can buy a bigger house, faster car, own a diamond rock, refusing to spare a change when they see us on the sidewalk with our frozen hands, dried tears, illuminated by the night skies, hoping for one more day, so things might be well, be different.    


This lost generation is looking for a way out.

This lost generation is home and will awake.

This lost generation is us, and the world is ours.

This lost generation will make things better,

and the world will be kind,

the world will be in peace,

no more blood will spill,

no more feet will be still,

no one will be left behind,

no one will be left for dead

no one

will be


I am a writer living and working in UK and Canada. My passion is the Arts in all forms and styles. Several of my poems were published Concrete and Lamp and Owl, and two short stories were included in Creature Magazine. I have worked with Ether Books, and have some work available with them. Born In to Revolution is a poetry collection available for free on iBooks, and I encourage everyone to leave me comments letting me know your thoughts.

Lost Generation

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