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Elika Ashoori



By the Trevi fountain she stood,


coin in hand, love on mind.


Humbled by the majestic presence


of gods forever frozen there in time.


Her wish she whispered to the coin,


like none she’d ever made before,


on that special summer’s day,


for her love to last forever more.


Her eyes followed her sacred wish,


as it soared through a thousand dreams,


only to find a resting place,


in the water’s grand embrace.


The ripples carried her request,


like glistening echoes of a song,


reaching Triton’s seashell ears,


where it would be safe from harm.


The merman carried her plea,


as swift as sunbeams through the sea,


and placed it in the powerful hands of Oceanus,


the great Titan.


By the Trevi she stands,


who is she now? A jest among gods.


A hopeless dreamer whose dream


never ever came true.



I love you,

and only you.

With you,

and alone.

When I hate you,

When you break me,

When I’m strong,

or torn.

I love you,

the monster in you,

your Dorian charm,

and its rotting tableau.

I fell in love,

and my soul chose you,

forever you,

regardless if yours

seeks a love brand new.

You can disarm me,

harm me,

leave me,

consume me,

deceive or trick me,

and my heart will insist

on seeing the good,

and only the good in you.

Your every flaw,

your darkness,

your venom

and all your heartless games,

disappear thinly,

into an unknown void,

where reality ceases to exist,

when you hold me,

and your smell embraces me

like a spell,

which makes me forget

everything my mind

urges to remember.

I will proudly carry the scars

you left on my body

and my heart,

and let them be reminders

of the intense passion,

which exists so powerfully in me,

a desire so strong,

that will claw at the walls of my heart,

and breaks open my caged chest,

and leaves my body

Worn down and destroyed.

And as I lay there,



and betrayed,

I shall be content

with the thought

that no other soul in the world

would ever

so unquestionably,


and fearlessly

love the whole of you.

With you,

or far from you.

Fly, pretty butterfly

Leave a trail of sun

and softly say good bye

to phantoms of the night

Take comfort in the rhymes

Circling your thoughts

Exuding from your sighs

forming lullabies.

Fly…fly sweet butterfly

over the mountain peaks

Closer to the skies

where magic gently sleeps.

See beyond the scars

roam above the hurt

of the sharpened claws

sunken in the dirt.

Fly, oh fragile butterfly

and let your softness speak

a thousand soothing words

to souls lost and bleak.

Take pride in the spark

of your brittle heart

that shines in the dark

when all falls apart.

Fly, colourful butterfly

Paint the little lives you touch

as you swiftly flutter by

with the rainbow of your smile.

Three days you’ve in this life

do not let the garden thorns

cut your tender wings in half

for early loss the nature morns.

Fly pretty butterflies

may you dazzle and surprise

with the glitter in your eyes

for true beauty never dies.

Elika is a British/Iranian actress living in London. Outside her acting career, she is a market trader/baker, specializing in macarons at the Greenwich Market. In her free time, Elika has always found poetry to be a therapeutic form of expressing herself. She has been writing poems both in Persian and English since a very young age.


Acting :

Baking: lilikastreats

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