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Carl Scharwath & Jenny Fernald 



Dream-state eyes envision fear as

Arms encompass an astral sacrament.

Superimposed reality stimulates

In the augmentation and destination

Of  a city-street void of life.




One flower stands alone

As monolithic decay

Ingests the landscape.


Breathing passion from

Your sun-kissed petals,

Dirt conceals with heaviness.


You are the most special,

The other flowers,

Wind-turned in the tempest.


Imply to judge the one

Solitary apart from the mold.

Frail in your life, only needing someone.


A broken lock intercedes

To buffer your emotional storm.

Stepping through silence, entwined in neglect.


Your strength is propagated

In honesty and kindness,

As decay turns to life anew.


Jenny Fernald is a photographer and mixed media artist. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Master's degree in Creative Arts. Jenny Fernald's artwork has been exhibited in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Marin County California and New Smyrna Beach Florida.

Carl Scharwath's work appears internationally with over fifty published poems and seven short stories. He recently won the National Poetry Contest award on behalf of Writers One Flight Up. His first poetry book “Journey To Become Forgotten” was published by Kind of a Hurricane Press. His art photography were featured in the Conclave Journal, Edgar Allen Poet and selected for a travel photo contest in the Orlando Sentinel

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