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Making More

Jerry Vilhotti

All Gone

Byrom of the Wistle

Jerry Vilhotti's stories have appeared in Dream International, Puck and Pluk, Hob-Nob, Our Pipe Dreams and many other literary magazines & net zines in the USA, Canada, England, Australia and India. He lives in a simpler place in time among the Litchfield Hills with a beautiful wife who treats him well.   Jerry's  collection of Tonepoems called: "Gods Depicting Pastime" can be found on Amazon.

The day after Johnny’s operation, the doctor’s scalpel left a long 
railroad track of scar over the area where he subtracted the stream of 
water trickling inside and after the doctor told the boy’s mother that 
he had also taken from the leg a cancerous substance and so charged her 
double for the operation never realizing himself that he had mistakenly 
taken growth cells which would manifest five years later when Johnny’s 
leg would bow from the weakness within; being spared from dying in 
meaningless wars trying to make a country that hated its many unwashed 
people that build a country from waste with it being the cheap labor 
welcomed to do its labor and Johnny would never know what his athletic 
prowess would have born; instead, he became a teacher trying to teach 
his pupils to think by creating thinking movements for them to gather up 
the tools for doing such a thing by having them creating concepts with 
drawings, pantomiming vocabulary words and keeping their minds opened to 
knowledge showing each he or she was not inferior to another nor 
superior. He made more.

 My oldest sister Tina - never forgetting her kid-brother Leny One N's  first job sticking up a smoke shop in downtown Burywater and after hitting the guy in the head which made the gun fall apart in his hands ran all the way to Tina's to hide; giving her the three hundred dollars most of which were bets the bookie was collecting and Leny nor the police ever saw that money again

While Byrom  tried to lose the stutter of his movements by
  doing his Buffalo speech therapist's suggestion he whistle before
  attempting to say a word that began with a consonant since he did
  vowels  whole with no whistle about it, Byrom  imagined he was
  pleasuring her fully getting a mighty "scream" to ooze out of Olivia's
  mouth; making her become for an instant Durer's wood engraving of a
  double goblet that displayed on a closer scrutiny two figures copulating
  their brains out. That art work was Olivia's favorite which she thought
  surpassed the magnificent statues of naked uncircumcised men in Italy -
  including a David! 

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