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Sarah Edwards



Sarah Edwards is a writer and/or a poet. She is deeply involved in pushing boundaries of literature and

language. Her work is experimental and somewhat avant garde. She has some work forthcoming in

Electric Cereal and Reality Hands. She breathes in Annapolis, MD for now. Her mostly neglected tumblr:



     The coffee that floated in my cup was tasteless without any heaviness, today only, of course it has no concern with the timid approach the boy took in picking his hair, only today it was and it must be done.

  The revolving leg was a mirage brought on by the unusualness of the hot nectar, he was ready as soon as I lurched both of my legs towards the change.

  Always ready so in coined inclined to brush up his orchard facial hair.

  Though today it was matching his murky gaze, no thinking twice of that, as blatantly as it left the edge, the coarse modesty will be our burden, he acknowledged,

today only. 


I admire your tongue when it spews select emptiness about my being. Your tongue a clout

            on my ear.


            The one with

            a much



I admire the plea resting, disarranged

in small letters careful to erupt

careful, the leaden surge.


With themes of ruptured flesh

the being at the marrow,  biting the iron

                                           flesh, you

always took pleasure in regretted phrases that did not shake the front door staying internal

inwards, baffled to your voice.


I admire, infarct, in fact willingly the sewn mouth where the rim

did not crust.



and then again much. 

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